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2013-05-17 09:29 pm
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Pattern for Sale

I've got another pattern up for sale at my Etsy store; it's my European Dragon Pattern, as seen here. I really enjoy using this pattern, and if you decide to buy it, I hope you will too!

You can find this pattern available for sale here.
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2013-02-04 08:04 pm
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Pattern for Sale

You've seen me mention wanting to sell original patterns for a while now, I'm sure. Well, I finally got my first one up today, and it's a doozie!

Amigurumi Griffin Pattern :D

You can see the griffins I've made with it over here. I hope you consider purchasing it!
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2013-01-27 09:40 pm
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Mini Squiddle

By request and because it's not like I can actually sell these anymore, mini Squiddles!

See what they look like )

Pattern )

And there you go! Really one of my simpler patterns. Enjoy!
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2013-01-27 02:18 pm

Pony Apparel Pattern 4: Sephiroth

And we're (finally) done, woo! Cloud's accessories patterns are also done :3b

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Dress your Sephiroth-Pony )

I hope y'all enjoy clothing your ponies!
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2012-12-21 12:28 am

Pony Apparel Pattern 3: Cloud Strife

Aaaaand I give here. It's missing the boots and gloves (apparently I didn't record the pattern for the left glove either, at which I can only sigh) but it has the pullover and the belt/shoulder guard/suspenders combo? Apparently I actually did record the pattern for the left glove, I just mislabeled it. Way to fail, self.

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Dress your Cloud-Pony )

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2012-12-20 10:13 pm

Pony Apparel Pattern 1: Cid Highwind

Brought to you by Winter Storm Draco, because some of y'all probably need something you can do inside.

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Dress your PegaCid )

You are now invited to crochet to your hearts' content! Apologies for mistakes, I am lazy and not up to fixing them now. Also, I have three more apparel patterns to type up, and I'd like to get that done tonight. Or at least before the sun rises tomorrow.