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By request and because it's not like I can actually sell these anymore, mini Squiddles!

Pattern time!

One of the things I really love about this pattern is that I can do it all in one go, no cutting at all. So convenient!

Things you need to know: US stitch names, crocheting in the round (spiral), increasing ([stitch] 2 in 1), Decreasing ([stitch] 2 tog), Single Crochet (sc), Slip Stitch (slst), Front Post Crochet (fp [stitch]), Front Loop Crochet (fl [stitch])
Materials (per Squiddle): Yarn (main color + black; I use worsted weight for both), crochet hook (I use 5mm), two 12mm plastic safety eyes*, stuffing, one strength six (6) magnet*.
* Both these materials are optional. I use regular yarn for Horrorterror-style mini Squiddles and they don't need to be magnetic, especially if you're only making one.

Round 1: Begin in a ring; Sc 6; continue in a spiral
Round 2: Sc 12 (sc 2 in 1 all around)
Round 3: Sc 18 (sc 2 in 1, sc 1)
Round 4 thru 8: Sc 18
Round 9: Fl sc 27 (fl sc 1, fl sc 2 in 1) (add eyes now)
Round 10: Sc 18 (sc 1, sc 2 tog)
Round 11: Sc 12 (sc 1, sc 2 tog) (stuff, add magnet (optional) now)
Round 12: Sc 6 (sc 2 tog all around)
Round 13: Sl st 3 (every other) to close
Round 14/legs: Fp slst to get to Round 11; ([ch 5, sl st 4; fp slst 3] x 6)

Cut the tail of the yarn long. Use it to sew Round 9 and Round 10 together so they don't puff out too much.

Don't worry too much about getting the magnets facing the right directions; I don't usually have any trouble shifting them around so they can stick together after I've closed the Squiddles up.

And there you go! Really one of my simpler patterns. Enjoy!
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