Re: Yarn + Magnets

Date: 2013-12-27 02:51 pm (UTC)
hooked_on_anime: Blue yarn in a magic ring (untightened) with six sc stitches; a green arrow points away from the loose end. (Tighten the ring)
I use Caron Simply Soft for the Squiddles, though Red Heart Soft is also good.

Yeah, magnets typically aren't anywhere near the yarn. At my local Hobby Lobby (before I stopped shopping there for Reasons), they were located right near the plastic eyes, which was quite convenient for me. At my local Michael's, I think they were located kinda near jewelry making supplies? I haven't had to buy magnets in a while. If you're up to such activities, try asking a staff person; if you find one and approach them first, you won't be surprised by the "Can I help you find something?" question and blurt out that you're fine before remembering that you actually do need help finding something and are now too embarrassed to ask. (What do you mean, I'm the only one with that problem?) You can also try a hardware store, though I make no guarantees there.

I actually rather like wandering around the aisles in craft stores just to look at stuff; I've occasionally found comparable products in different parts of the store for completely different prices. Also, at least in the US, it's a good time to visit; fake snow should be on sale, which works great as stuffing.

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