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Jul. 24th, 2030 07:50 pm
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Hello hello, and welcome to Hooked on Anime, a mostly fannish crochet blog :) I'll be sharing pictures of some of my projects, as well as the patterns and techniques I use to make them. There are a few things you may want to know about me and my methods before you dive in:

* With regards to terms and such, I use the US stitch names and abbreviations. There's a nice conversion table over at Wikipedia.

* I'm also right-handed. Hopefully all my stuff is doable both for right-handed and left-handed crocheters. However, if I ever make something that's deliberately "handed", I will do my best to mark it as such, as well as provide an opposite-handed option.

* With larger works, I prefer to use mostly double crochet to single crochet. Sadly, I do not yet have a good rows-of-dc-to-rows-of-sc conversion worked out, so I will probably only provide dc measurements when I use them.

* I prefer working in circles to working back-and-forth. I feel it gives the finished product a "smoother" look, while back-and-forth make it more ridged. This could just be because of my technique, of course, but it's also something that's behind a lot of the decisions I make.

* Unless otherwise noted, I use a size H/5.00 mm hook and worsted weight yarn. I'm a tight crocheter as these things go though, so try moving down a size or two if you aren't getting the results you want.

GALLERY: A gallery of my pictures can be found at [community profile] hooked_on_anime_gallery; they're in reverse chronological order and are all tagged with whether the pattern is available, what fandom they're from (if any), and what year I made them in.

TUTORIALS: I've got a bunch of tutorials and such linked here. If you are interested in learning to crochet or brushing up your skills, it's a good place to start. Options range from textual explanations to pictures to video.

COMMISSIONS: Commissions are currently OPEN. Fill out the form in THIS POST, send me a private message, or drop me an e-mail at socchan (at) gmail (dot) com, and we can work out the details. You can also check out my Etsy shop.

COMMENT POLICY: This is less related to crocheting, but still relevant: I'm a pretty staunch feminist, and as this is my blog, I would like to ask you politely not to use: any words that inherently describes a group of under-privileged people as insults/derogatory; any inherently gendered language as insulting; the word "rape" to describe anything that is not rape (etc). I'm pretty sure that covers it all, but if I think of more that haven't been covered by those blanket statements, I'll likely add them in :|b

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hooked_on_anime: Manekineko holding a crochet hook and a ball of yarn (Default)
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