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Hello to all :) And a special, slightly belated hello to all the Bronies (and pals?) over from Equestria Daily

Surprise pattern time! I in no way expected this to be the next pattern I posted, and then I ended up crocheting it on a whim, so. It's definitely more on the "difficult" side as my patterns go, I'm afraid :P Still, I'm hoping to have a much simpler pattern up next - or at least relatively soon.

A note on the pattern as a whole: This pattern is based on the basic ponies we see so much of in the show, particularly the mane cast and the background ponies. Ponies with different body types - Celestia, Luna, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, younger ponies, and anyone I might be forgetting - would ideally have a different shape. Unfortunately, I'm not likely to get around to making the patterns for them any time soon, short of getting a commission for them (or a really huge donation or something); this pattern will still work for any of them, it just won't look -quite- right. [Edit:] [deviantart.com profile] uminohoshi suggests half-double crochet (double crochet for the UK folks) for young ponies. [/edit]

Another lifehack from the comments: "The trick to stuffing a dark piece with pale fiberfill is to find a darkish sock (or the foot off a pair of pantyhose) and put that inside the piece, then stuff the sock." Way cool.

As always, feel free to alter something with the pattern if, while you are making it, you think it would look better. It's more important that you're happy with the end product than you stick exactly to the pattern.

Moving right along, let's start with pictures: Fluttershy )

Pattern time!

Large print PDFs: [US version] [UK version]
Both are in 18 point Verdana font for ease of readability; neither include pictures. I just used find-and-replace in the UK version, so if there's anything I need to change other than dc = tc and sc = dc, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Jan 6 2013 The marvelous Lenka has translated this pattern into Czech! Go check it out if it's your language - or even if it's not; she's included some great pictures of the process, including the "Rainbow Dash" style wings.

I am also pleased to announce that [blogspot.com profile] knitoneawesome has made a single crochet version (double crochet for the UK folks) and it looks fantastic! Everyone who has ever wanted a SC version is invited to take a look - and even those who like the DC version fine, because who knows if you won't like that one better?

Crochet is magic )

I think that's about it! If you have any questions about this pattern, please feel free to leave a comment, and I will try and get my butt in gear to reply with help ^^b Thank you!

20 Jan 2012: By now I've gotten the question several times, "Can I sell ponies I've made using your pattern?" I thought it would be best if I made a more public answer than just in the comments below.

I am generally cool with it! I only ask a few things:
1) Include information on where you got the pattern (Hooked On Anime)
2) If you are able, financially or otherwise, drop me a little something in the tip jar; we'll call the suggested donation $6 USD? Though I won't turn you down if you want to donate more (or less, even).
3) Please comment here or send me a PM or an e-mail or something to let me know you're doing it! You don't have to include your name or anything, I just want to keep an idea in my head of how much competition I have popular this pattern is with people selling it and stuff, I guess.

26 Jan 2013: In response to the question "Can I translate your pattern into another language?"

The answer is: Yes! I am deeply flattered by the fact that two people have already asked to do so. If you love this pattern enough to want to share it with other people who don't speak/read English, I would be delighted to see you do so. Please only do two things:

1) Link back here, so people know where the original came from, and:
2) Send me a link to your non-English version so I can share back. You're serving people in a way that I can't; if someone would get better use out of your translation than my original, it only makes sense that they use it, and I can only tell them where to go if I know where to send them.

In response to any other question: There are three pages worth of comments in response to this post. I or someone else may have already answered your question in one of these comments! Check through them before asking your own question. In the future, if I get any repeat questions ("How do I make [Character]'s mane/tail?" is a very common example), I will tell you to check the other comments. Answering repeat questions has taken up time I would prefer to be using to do other things: typing up new patterns, for example, or crocheting things I hope to sell. Please please please check through the information that's already here before asking something.

10 May, 2014: Suggestions for Pinkie Pie's Mane/Tail: I've listed a few here. I haven't tried any of them, since I haven't made Pinkie Pie yet, but those are some options available to you. Good luck!

Thanks very much!

Thanks also to everyone who has helped me make this pattern better; in case it's not obvious, I don't usually use a beta-tester for fan patterns, and every mistake you help me remove helps not only me, but everyone who uses this pattern in the future. I am incredibly grateful to all of you.


If you like this pattern and have the means to do so, please consider making a donation. I put a lot of work into these and love sharing them with fans, but I also like being able to pay the bills! Thank you.


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If you like the patterns I provide and have the means to do so, please consider making a donation. I put a lot of work into these and love sharing them with fans, but I also like being able to pay the bills! Thank you.



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