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Hello, all! By request, this is a pattern for Casey/Bubbles Von Salamancer from Homestuck; I've been wanting to make a new pattern but wasn't sure what until I got this timely suggestion. (I'd forgotten about the Lion King requests until after I'd started on this one - sorry, requesters! You're next, I promise.)

I used 15mm plastic eyes for Casey here; I couldn't figure out a way to truly mimic the bug-eyes of the original art, but I thought this worked pretty well.

Things you need to know: Crochet in the round (spiral), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (sl st), decrease ([stitch] 2 tog), increase ([stitch] 2 in 1), popcorn (pop #)

Materials: Worsted weight yarn (light yellow), 15mm plastic eyes, stuffing, scissors, stitch markers (contrasting colored yarn works fine), crochet hook for gauge of 4 dc per inch/2.5 cm (I use 5mm/size "H", but am a tight crocheter; you my prefer to use a smaller hook)

Round 1: Begin in a ring; Dc 12; continue in a spiral
Round 2: Dc 24 (dc 2 in 1 all around)
Round 3: Dc 32 ([dc 2, dc 2 in 1] x 8)
Round 4 and 5: Dc 32
Round 6: Dc 8, dc 2 tog x 8, dc 8 (dc 24)
Round 7: Dc 6, dc 2 tog x 6, dc 6 (dc 18)
Round 8 thru 16: Dc 18
Round 17: Dc 12 ([dc 1, dc 2 tog] x 6)
Round 18: Dc 6 (dc 2 tog all around)
Round 19: Sl st every other to close

Legs (make 2)
Round 1: Begin in the round; sc 6; continue in a spiral
Round 2: Sc 12 (sc 2 in 1 all around)
Round 3: [dc 2 in 1, sc 1] x 4, sc 4
Round 4: [dc 2 tog, sc 1] x 4, sc 4
Round 5 thru 7: Dc 12

Arms (make 2)
Round 1: Begin in the round; sc 6; continue in a spiral
Round 2: (Pop 5, sc 1) x 3
Round 3 thru 8: Dc 6

Round 1: Begin in the round; sc 6; continue in a spiral
Round 2: Dc 7 (dc 2 in 1, dc 5)
Round 3 thru 16: Dc 2 in 1 in first stitch, dc 1 in 1 to finish round
Round 17: Sc 1, sl st 1 for a smooth finish

I hope y'all enjoy using this pattern!


In the time since I last posted, school ate me (ironic, given that I'm a bakery major) and my basement flooded. The latter is especially stressful, given that it's where I actually live - and yes, some of my yarn was damaged. If you haven't donated before and have the means to do so, please consider doing so! I love making patterns and sharing them, but doing so for free is truly a labor of love; for example, between figuring out the pattern itself and putting together this post, this pattern has taken me over five hours. Thank you for your time and consideration :)

Possible troll patterns?

Date: 2016-03-25 02:00 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Have you ever thought of designing patterns for troll plushies or the kids or cal? That would be really cool!


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