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Hello all, I'm back from Real Life :) Er, well, more-or-less. Met a bunch of fantastic people at AnimeIowa, where I was a total egomaniac ^^a Had a blast with everyone. An extra hello and also internet hugs (if wanted) to anyone I met there ♥

I'll be putting up Burupya's pattern at a more coherent hour (I'm currently pretending it's not ~3:30 AM in my time zone), and Kero-chan's will be following just as soon as I find out where I put it and type it up -_-a At least I kept Kero-chan, so I can roughly work the pattern out backwards from him...

In the mean time, here's me blatantly showing off some preview pictures of the projects to come :3b

This cutie is Burupya/Mikage from 07-Ghost. He was originally requested by one of my winners for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, and I only really read enough of the manga to get a basic concept of who he is, and have since forgotten most of it ^^a

Anyhow, after a brief period where I didn't know where it was, I definitely know where his pattern is now, and also have redundant copies, yay! As I stated up-post, that'll be going up sometime later today probably.

Everyone's favorite Guardian Beast of the Seal, Kerberos! AKA Kero-chan ♥ I've got pictures of him "eating" cake from the convention, but they're still sitting on my camera at the moment.

A piece of advice: If you are even remotely comfortable using felt instead of yarn, I would recommend doing so for his wings. I cannot emphasize enough what a pain in the ass they are to make. Or perhaps it's just their unconventionality. Either way, they're different and difficult, and tracing wings onto felt and gluing/sewing those in place would definitely be quicker and might even look better, depending on what you want out of your amigurumi.

It's a bit moot point at the moment, as his pattern's floating around somewhere indeterminate (I'm sorry, AI people! I know I said I'd have his pattern up soon-ish after the convention, but it'll probably be a little longer if I have to pull it from him backwards! T-T), but it's something to keep in mind.

Anyhow, I'm off to either get some sleep, or dig around some more to try and find Kero-chan's pattern. We'll see what I feel more like doing. Once again, Burupya's to come later today. Hearts to all!


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