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If you've ever wanted to learn how to crochet so you can follow my less-than-professional patterns (or much better ones by other people), or just make your own things, this post is for you. I've got several tutorials and how-tos you can use, and hopefully you can pick things up without too much trouble :)


Hook and Needles
Amigurumi tutorial: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
This is the tutorial I first learned how to crochet "in the round" from. Unfortunately, it's quite video-heavy/reliant, so it's far from the perfect option for everyone. If videos are one of the ways you learn better, though, and you can access them, it's a pretty great tutorial. The blog itself hasn't been updated in quite a while, but the resources are all still available.

I am willing to go through and transcribe the videos if anyone requests it, but it's not my highest priority, especially with how many patterns I'm working on and still need to type up 9_9a

Hook and Needles is also available in Spanish; links can be found at the blog itself, because I'm apparently too lazy to link them here and now.

NexStitch is linked to from Hook and Needles. I don't know much about it aside from that, but it also has a host of free crochet tutorial videos for a wide variety of stitches, from the basics to the downright fancy, as well as decreasing techniques for all of the basic stitches.

WikiHow: Ah, the traditional stuff :) Nothing like a little bit of home-brewed do-it-yourself tutorial to remind you of what's great about the internet and Wikis in general. At the time of this writing, there are 78 articles in the crochet sub-section. It's got a bunch of great stuff, primarily with text and illustrations, and frequently with video as well. Unfortunately, it's not the best organized site around; it's all alphabetical, and this can be difficult to navigate when you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. While I've taken to listing the stitches it's helpful to know at the beginning of my patterns (and see that I need to add such things as "in the round" vs "in rows" or "both"), not all the stitches or techniques I list are stated directly in the links, nor are they even all available (yet).

About.com: Another one of the internet "classics" :) They've even got their own crochet-related spinoff site! Looks like they've got just about everything you could want there, and possibly more - though I haven't actually done much digging just yet ^^a Still, it looks like an excellent place to start. Poke through it a bit, see if you can't find what you're looking for there.

Crochet Cabana: I can't even remember where I found this site, but it looks pretty good to me. It's somewhat less comprehensive than some of the others at the moment, but better organized than the wiki or About sites, particularly for learning. All words and pictures, too.


Amigurumi hair tutorials: There's a number of different methods for adding hair to your amigurumi, and these detail the basic steps involved:

Owly: Amigurumi hair tutorial
Needlenoodles.com: Creepy Cute Coiffure: Making and attaching hair
EssHaych: Amigurumi hair tutorial


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises: That is, exercises you do to help prevent or avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. After crocheting myself out a couple months back, I ended up looking these up in order to keep from hurting myself seriously in the future, and they've worked wonders for me so far.

Also helpful: Wearing wrist braces, especially while sleeping. Between those and the exercises, I was feeling much better by the end of my self-prescribed month off from crocheting.

My grandfather also suggests taking vitamin B6, but I have yet to do any real research on that. If you have any information one way or another on this, I'd be interested in hearing it :)


More links may be added eventually!


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